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Paste Style Soft Touch Phone Stand Phone Wallet Stand

Such a small thing as ID card, usually when you go out to take it is always very troublesome, with this card can be handy to hold it is very convenient, but also can hold a bank card we commonly used to go out spare

  • [Powerful Functions Packed In One Slim Design] With the stand and wallet, it's more than a slim wallet, bringing a whole new phone experience to you. Let you enjoy using your phone with optimized freedom. The fold-design allows for intuitive and flexible usage - simply stick it on, stand it up and fold it back into place.

  • [Slim Yet Holds Three Cards] At 5mm/0.2in thinness, it's slimmer than any other wallet but has the same capacity as most wallets to hold three cards for you to feel good while taking your cards without additional bulk.

  • [A New Way to Make Your Phone Stand Up] Portrait, Landscape, and the new Floating mode – three viewing modes enable you to look at your phone screen in the most comfortable way, whether you’re browsing the web in portrait, streaming in landscape or having a zoom meeting in floating mode.

  • [NOTE for Wireless Charging] It's not compatible with wireless chargers. Remove the Snap-on Phone Stand & Wallet before wireless charging.

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