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SINCE 2001


Blue Star Wireless was established in 2001, it is located in Guangzhou, China.,and specialized in design, production and distribution of mobile phone accessories. The company has always focus on developing thehigh quality products with Ipush trademark.


The success of its products and the rapid growth of its market share have made Ipush one of the top brands in the mobile phone accessories segment.

At present, there are leather goods leather department, painting and printing department, Screen Protector production department, injection department and product research and development department.

It is also committed to fashion and High-end 3C digital peripheral products. It mainly produces mobile phone cases, mobile phone Screen Protector, Leather cases, Data cables, Chargers, Electronic Products, etc. Focus on detail processing, as well as a good user experience and a one-stop shop Blue Star Wireless sales network has successfully covered most of the provinces in China and many overseas countries and regions.


MANY:  We have many styles(Over 100 million cellphone cases assembled), models (Over 300 cellphone models) and cooperative brands (more than 100 brands).

FAST:  Fast delivery(Many products are in stock), new model open mold fast(The mold will be opened 1-2 months before the new model is released), new style open mold fast(3 new products every month).

GOOD: Good delivery quality(We have a professional QC team, we will check the quality of every product before shipment).

ECONOMICAL: Our prices are better than others for the same quality products

Guangzhou Xinting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

5 Star Customer Review


Really easy to hold, I like the feel in my hands. I bought it because I baby sit a 2 year old and he is fascinated by phones so he had mine one night and dropped it and there was a scratch. I bought this to prevent cracks or any further scratches and has held up quite well.

——Alydia Hart (Amazon Customer)

Love the phone case, it fits perfectly. The only issue I had was the tempered class went on a little off centered, when I tried to straighten it the edge cracked. Very strong adhesive.

——Timothy M Shipp(Amazon Customer)

I am very happy with this phone case. I had dropped my phone, cracking the edges, and needed something to protect it. The best part about it is the protective cover that goes on hides all of the tiny cracks I made on the edges of my phone from dropping it and it is keeping my phone from cracking more. Definitely an investment purchase, it will keep my phone safe for a long time.

——Jef(Amazon Customer)


Guangzhou Xinting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd


Tel: +86 13926055317

Wechat: +86 13926055317

Room 301,Jianqi Building,No.5 Wenming Road,Nancun Town ,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China


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