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Over 100 Million 
Assembled Cell Phone Cases


Assembly Line

At our assembly line located in Guangzhou, we assemble high-quality cell phone cases with a wide range of customization opportunities.

Blue Star Wireless designs and produces a wide range of accessories for smartphones and tablets, through companies holding the highest quality standards. The supply chain is closely supervised in every single phase by Blue Star Wireless’s management, who tests and certifies the quality. A synergy between departments, smoothed and strengthened by years of professional collaboration.


The companies in charge of direct production of Blue Star Wireless’s products are UNI EN 9001 –CSQ certified companies and give special attention to quality control procedures. Blue Star Wireless’s products are compliant with current safety regulations and satisfy the highest quality standards, thus protecting the end user.

Blue Star Wireless has built a strong organizational logistics network:

from production management to the transport of products, from connection among the acquisition phases of production factors to the technical and economic transformation process, and to the distribution of the end product.


We are working together with leading logistic companies to ensure on-time deliveries and reliable transport safety. 


If there is a delay of a shipment our highly trained customer support team will work on a fast and efficient solution to ensure that your products will arrive on time. 

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Global Logistics

Abstract Glass Building

Blue Star International

With more than 22 years of experience in assembling cell phone cases, Blue Start Wireless has built a strong relationship with customers around the globe.


Nowadays Blue Star Wireless is serving more than 1.000 customers in over 20 different countries. 

Take a look at our global references for further information.

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