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iPhone 14 Pro Case Transparent - Xtreme Impact Back Cover

Are you a real adventurer? Or can you be clumsy every now and then and drop your phone? Then the Xtreme Impact Back cover is perfect for you! The iPhone 14 Pro case is made of sturdy plastic material and has edges of shock-absorbing silicone material. This way your smartphone is well protected against damage from the outside. Without an iPhone 14 Pro case, your phone can quickly get a crack or scratch. That would of course be a shame. An iPhone 14 Pro case simply keeps your phone in top condition!

Extreme conditions

The plastic material and the shock-absorbing edges naturally provide a lot of protection. But this iPhone 14 Pro case has more! For example, the Xtreme Impact Back cover has been tested for falls up to a height of 1.2 meters! This means that the iPhone 14 Pro case meets the military MIL-STD-810G drop test standards. It has passed the SGS drop test certification with excellent protection performance, and the thickened four corners can resist accidental drops in daily use. So you have a powerhouse in your hands without a doubt!

Easy to use

In addition to optimal protection, this iPhone 14 Pro case is also easy to use. The case has a slim design and is super lightweight. This way, the slim design of your device is maintained and no extra weight is added. Finally, the case is also easy to attach to your device. In short, an iPhone 14 Pro case that you absolutely cannot miss!

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