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Full Body Protection Liquid Silicone Case with Soft Microfiber Lining

This luxurious liquid silicone case is a high quality silicone case that protects your phone against fall, scratch or impact damage. This case is perfectly aligned to follow the contours of the iPhone 14.

Benefits of this iPhone 14 silicone case

  • High quality silicone material

  • Wireless charging remains possible

  • Light weight, shock resistant and good grip

  • The clean lines of the device are preserved

  • All buttons and functions remain usable

iPhone 14 case with extra protection

This case for the Apple iPhone 14 is made of strong and flexible silicone material. The two layers of silicone are filled by a hard anti-shock protective layer in the middle. You can't see this layer, but it's between the two layers of silicone to better protect your iPhone 14 against a hard fall. The screen is protected by a 1mm raised edge. This edge ensures that it does not irritate during use, but is protected during a fall on a hard surface. This iPhone 14 case absorbs most shocks and absorbs them in the three protective layers that are incorporated in this iPhone 14 case. This makes the device considerably less vulnerable to falls. This pine green iPhone 14 case has perfectly tailored cutouts so that the buttons remain usable. Due to the silicone material, the position in the hand is also optimized and it does not slip off your hand because the finish is matted.

Luxurious appearance of your Apple iPhone

The iPhone 14 case is made of the highest quality silicone, giving your phone a beautiful and stylish look. In addition, this case has a nice slim design that ensures that your device hardly gets any thicker, so you can still enjoy the slim lines of your iPhone. It is also lightweight, so your phone hardly gets any heavier. This back cover is very easy to attach to your smartphone.

Silky and Soft Touch

The silky liquid silicone exterior cover could protect your phone from annoying scratches, greasy fingerprints, and dust. Any stain on the case can be wiped off easily with a damp rag. And the soft microfiber lining inside could protect the back of your iPhone from scratches.

Camera protection

The raised edges around the camera part are custom made so that they are just higher than the camera. As a result, the camera will never be damaged by a fall on a flat surface. This also provides extra protection for the good camera of the iPhone 14 in your pocket.

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