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Rugged 3-Layer Armor Drop Protection Case with Shoulder and Hand Strap for Your iPad

Material: The New iPad case is made from premium TPU and anti-skidding silicone, built-in screen protector, to create the full-body protection for your iPad. Not only shock/-proof/durable but also comfortable holding feel.

Functionality: When we are recording something or drawing with one hand, we need a hand strap to help us hold the tablet firmly to prevent accidental drops. The stand is something we can't live without, we need it to support the tablet so that we can watch or type. And the pencil holder is very essential, we will avoid the trouble finding our pencils everywhere.

Portability: When we are an engineer on a construction site or a waiter in a restaurant, we often need to use a tablet, but we can't let it tie our hands. At this time, we really need a shoulder strap to free our hands. Not only that, it can be hung in any places. For example, hanging on the back seat of a car to creates a mini theater for kids. The shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable in length up to 49 inches.Adjustable/removable/expandable shoulder strap Carry it in either portrait or landscape like a shoulder bag.

360 Degree Rotating Stand: The 360 degree rotating and adjustable stand makes it easy to watch videos, play games, work and other tasks in 3 angles.

Built-in Pencil Holder: Comes with a convenient pen holder to store your pencil. Convenient for storage and carrying, and you don't have to worry about losing your Apple Pencil, so you can enjoy your iPad comfortably anytime and anywhere.

High Quality Front Film: Unlike low-quality film, we use a better high-quality plastic HD film. Shockproof and protect your iPad screen, anti-scratch, HD screen etc.

Shockproof Silicone and Wide Range of Needs: The newly improved shock-absorbing silicone body protects your iPad from strong impacts. Great for business, outdoors, construction, and housework. Recommended for homes with children and children. Shockproof and satisfying iPad cover.

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